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About Us

 Mwimbaji Basenji is located on 45 acres in northern Utah.

Our ranch borders National Forest land, which equates to a picturesque environment well-suited for raising our gaited horses & Basenjis!

Our dogs are very loved members of our family whom we play with, train and run trails with daily!


We have a long history breeding, training and loving animals since our youth - and along with our 10 kids (3 still at home), this is what we do! It's a true family operation and not just a hobby for us, it is our passion, career and family lifestyle! We don't do this to compete in shows and earn accolades, but to raise high quality animals that bring years of joy, entertainment and companionship to their owners. Why? Because we love animals, and enjoy sharing them with others. Our many years of experience and study have given us an eye for excellence, and we have consistently sought education as we become experts in our fields.


We spent our childhood years assisting our veterinary Grandfather, have studied Biology, Genetics, animal nutrition and husbandry in college, and have also taken and passed the intense AKC Dog breeding courses. We are especially educated and interested in the color genetics of both dogs and horses. We have been training dogs since our youth, having earned AKC titles, and have been breeding dogs for over 20 years.

When you adopt your next family member from Mwimbaji Basenji, you can rest assured that your pet has been bred and raised by someone with experience; thoughtfully and with purpose - taking temperament, health, conformation, genetics & talent into consideration. 

About Basenjis

The Basenji is one of (if not THE) oldest breeds in the world. They originate from the wild dogs of the African jungle, known as Congo Dogs. However, they have been domesticated for over 2000 years. 

There are pictures of Basenji-like dogs from ancient Egypt! 

They are an extremely unique breed, and not common in the United States. 

This is partly because, unlike other domestic dog breeds, Basenji females only have 1 litter a year, always around October-December (similar to wild dogs like coyotes).

Basenjis are very regal and proper in how they carry themselves.  They are fun-loving and entertaining goof balls, sometimes, as well.  They literally can't bark, and while they do make some extremely fun noises like howls and purrs, they are quiet-natured and only "talk" when they have a good reason to. They are clean and tidy naturally, with very little to no doggy odor. They clean themselves like a cat - and try to avoid getting dirty in the first place. They are easy to potty train.


While they are extremely keen & intelligent, they are often "above" performing pointless tricks... unless there is a treat involved, or they know you really mean it!  They tend to ask, "what's in it for me?" before choosing to obey.  Also, while they love their family and know who "their pack" is, they also love to run and explore, and will follow their nose & sight to go inspect things they are curious about, and they are a very curious breed! This causes them to "play deaf" when you're calling them back to you.  Thus, they are a breed that should always either be on a leash or have a well-trained recall enforced with an electric collar.

They can make excellent apartment dogs because of their cleanliness, no bark & small size (about 20 lbs).  While they are considered a high energy breed, that title can be deceiving.  They do have energy to run and play outside or go for long hikes... however it's not a wiggly, in your face kind of energy. It is more of an intense, forward moving energy.  However, once they are at home, they know when it's time to be chill, and can be total couch potatoes indoors!


They are a very low shedding breed and are considered hypoallergenic.  They do shed for a few weeks in the spring and fall, though it's mild.  While Basenjis love their family and can definitely be affectionate, they are more cat-like and picky about where and when they feel like cuddling.

This lends to why they are so respectful of your personal space, which I love - but sometimes you might be in a cuddlier mood than they are, but they will usually oblige you.

Below is a fun sampling of the Basenji antics & sounds:

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